Has over 18 years of progressive oil and gas experience that spans production, well, reservoir engineering and field management. Has a rich array of skillset garnered from both petroleum engineering service companies and E&P operating companies. Prior to joining Platform Petroleum in 2012, He was the Lead Reservoir Engineer at Dharmattan Nigeria Limited, and previously Senior Reservoir/Production Engineer at Brittania-U Nigeria Limited as well as Technical Manager at Rego Petroleum Services Limited. As a reservoir simulation engineer, he was involved in the study of several onshore and offshore assets in the Niger Delta for optimum field development and maximum recovery of reserves. Is a proven ardent manager of people and resources in different capacities. In the past 6 years, He has led the Petroleum Engineering team as a manager, delivering on asset-related corporate targets and ensuring the optimal operation of the company’s assets in a prudent and cost-effective manner. Studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Benin and graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in 2000. He is also a product of the Special Intensive Training Programme (SITP) organised by SHELL in collaboration with The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. He earned a Post Graduate Certificate in Oil and Gas Engineering from the Programme in 2003. Mr Anim is concluding an MBA - Energy and Sustainability from the University of Cumbria, UK and a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).